Acuitas Principal Discusses Rejected Ballot Proposals at 2018 Post-Election Wrap Up

Acuitas Discusses Ballot Proposals

Acuitas Principal, Sarah Hubbard, was recently featured as a panelist at the Michigan Political History Society and the Michigan Political Leadership Program 2018 Post-Election Wrap Up. The panel discussed the election’s three statewide ballot proposals. While there has been much conversation surrounding the three ballot proposals and what they might mean for Michigan, Sarah spoke rather on the proposals that didn’t make it onto the ballot.

“One of the issues we may want to consider are the issues that weren’t on the ballot and the impact those might have… We just saw bills introduced relating to both minimum wage and paid sick leave, so clearly there is an interest in going back and doing something with those. But you had majorities in both the House and Senate voting for those to be taken off the ballot, and those very same people now looking at coming back to gut them. I don’t know how they’re going to justify that to their voters, particularly those who are looking to run again in the future.”

Sarah highlighted that she is interested to see how these bills will play out in the upcoming lame duck session. Todd Cook, from Promote the Vote, touched on his involvement with Proposal 3, while Riley Beggin, writer for Bridge Magazine, spoke about the impact these proposals had on voter turnout this year.

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Sarah discusses the rejected 2018 Michigan ballot proposals.