Acuitas Principal Sarah Hubbard Elected to University of Michigan Board of Regents

Sarah Hubbard was elected statewide to an eight-year term on the University of Michigan Board of Regents on November 3, 2020. She garnered 2,370,945 votes and won the seat by only 4,215 votes.

Per Michigan’s Constitution, regents are responsible for the “… general supervision of its institution and the control and direction of all expenditures from the institution’s funds. Each board shall, as often as necessary, elect a president of the institution under its supervision. He shall be the principal executive officer of the institution, be ex-officio a member of the board without the right to vote and preside at meetings of the board.”

The role of regent is un-paid and provides an opportunity for Hubbard to give back to her alma mater. 

Hubbard assumed office on January 2, 2021, and Board Chair Denise Ilitch appointed her to serve on the Health Affairs Committee. 

Hubbard graduated from the U of M School of Literature Science and Arts in 1990 with a bachelor’s degree and earned her Master of Business Administration from the U of M Ross School of Business in 2007. 

Other regents serving with Hubbard are: Chair Ilitch, Ron Weiser, Jordan Acker, Mark Bernstein, Paul Brown, Michael Behm, and Katherine White.  University of Michigan’s President is currently Mark Schlissel.

You can follow Sarah on Twitter @RegentHubbard for U of M news, and @S4Hubbard for everything else, including her day-job here at Acuitas.