Acuitas in the Spotlight

Acuitas’ own Sarah Hubbard was highlighted last week in an article published by the notable Wall Street Journal.

The article titled ‘With Gridlock in Washington, Lobbyists Turn to Statehouses’ described how interest groups are frustrated with D.C. and are now flocking to state capitals, fueling what some describe as a wheeling-and-dealing atmosphere.

However, Ms. Hubbard had a very different opinion. “The infrastructure around the government has become much more professional,” she said. “People in our profession are advocates based on policy and on being brokers of information, not just saying, ‘Hey, I need a favor.’ ”

“At Acuitas, we focus on passing on expertise and advice to legislators who have less time than those of past generations to learn the ins-and-outs of issues they are asked to decide,” Hubbard said.

Dante Chinni, the journalist who wrote the article, sat down with Acuitas Principal’s Kevin Korpi and Sarah Hubbard this past summer, in search of information on increased pressure from lobbyists and interest groups in Lansing. What (I’m assuming) he didn’t realize, was how key of a resource Kevin and Sarah would be.

The Principals were able to give Dante strategic insight and observations including key contacts, local businesses and policy issues; basically a complete rundown of the Lansing area. Obviously, the information was useful because many of the ideas that Kevin and Sarah provided appeared within the front-page article.

The Wall Street Journal chose Acuitas. Why not you?

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