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Women Influencing Politics – Acuitas Principal Honored

The National Association of Women Business Owners Greater Detroit Chapter (NAWBO-GDC) launched their 5th annual 2017 Women on Board Cruise on Thursday, August 3, held aboard The Ovation luxury yacht.

The 2017 Women on Board Cruise provided networking opportunities with NAWBO members and non-members alike from the Greater Detroit business community. The evening’s program included a panel discussion with Greater Detroit-area women political influencers and leaders: Jessica Cooper, Oakland County Prosecutor, Sarah Hubbard, a legislative strategist and Principal at Acuitas and Paula D. Cunningham, AARP Michigan State Director. Emmy-award winning broadcast journalist Paula Tutman served as the evening’s Captain of Ceremonies.

The theme for the evening was “Women Influencing Politics.” The program explored and celebrated women’s political past, present and future. Its focus relays their value within the political arena, how we can make a difference, and how our voices, individually and collectively, are powerful.

Congratulations Sarah!

Compliments to the Client


A sizable congratulations is in order for Acuitas client, Johnson Controls! The global diversified technology and industrial leader worked closely with Michigan legislators to pass a recent energy bill, commonly referred to as the TELP (Tax-Exempt Lease Purchase) bill. This new law, which provides local governments with flexible financing plans to conserve energy, is expected to make energy performance contracts more commonplace and affordable. View the entire news release 

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Pictured from left to right:

State Representative Al Pscholka, 79th District, Michigan; Joseph Boetsch, Area General Manager, Johnson Controls; Rami Hadid, Account Executive, Johnson Controls; Daniel Mack, Account Executive, Johnson Controls; David Peters, Vice President and General Manager, Energy Solutions, Johnson Controls; Michael Popa, Area General Manager, Johnson Controls; Sarah Hubbard, Principal, Acuitas; and seated: Michigan Governor Rick Snyder.

Acuitas in the Spotlight

Acuitas’ own Sarah Hubbard was highlighted last week in an article published by the notable Wall Street Journal.

The article titled ‘With Gridlock in Washington, Lobbyists Turn to Statehouses’ described how interest groups are frustrated with D.C. and are now flocking to state capitals, fueling what some describe as a wheeling-and-dealing atmosphere.

However, Ms. Hubbard had a very different opinion. “The infrastructure around the government has become much more professional,” she said. “People in our profession are advocates based on policy and on being brokers of information, not just saying, ‘Hey, I need a favor.’ ”

“At Acuitas, we focus on passing on expertise and advice to legislators who have less time than those of past generations to learn the ins-and-outs of issues they are asked to decide,” Hubbard said.

Dante Chinni, the journalist who wrote the article, sat down with Acuitas Principal’s Kevin Korpi and Sarah Hubbard this past summer, in search of information on increased pressure from lobbyists and interest groups in Lansing. What (I’m assuming) he didn’t realize, was how key of a resource Kevin and Sarah would be.

The Principals were able to give Dante strategic insight and observations including key contacts, local businesses and policy issues; basically a complete rundown of the Lansing area. Obviously, the information was useful because many of the ideas that Kevin and Sarah provided appeared within the front-page article.

The Wall Street Journal chose Acuitas. Why not you?

View the full WSJ article here:

Legislative Update

Michigan’s political climate and economy is much better than it was four years ago. Presently, Governor Snyder holds a slim lead (+2) in the polls over challenger Mark Schauer and RealClearPolitics calls the race a toss-up. In addition, the GOP is expected to have momentum trend through November. While Democrats may pick up a few seats, consequently narrowing margins, there are only a few (10-12) toss-up seats. Republicans are expected to maintain control of the State House and State Senate.

Post November 4, questions loom large around House Speaker and Senate Majority Leader as both bodies will look to replace leadership.

Another post primary development will be the total number, emergence and impact of a tea party wing in the Republican party, particularly in a State House GOP majority. A main street GOP/Tea Party split could provide governance challenges in a Snyder 2nd term.


Kevin Korpi

Welcome to the new Acuitas website. Game changing insight. That’s our goal. I invite you to visit frequently. Use the website features, hopefully gain valuable information.. In Viewpoints, our exceptional team shares actionable intelligence, timely updates, perspective and often humor. You just never know.

So what’s up in Lansing? Ahhhh spring recess after a brutal winter. Budget process rolls along. Road funding received a bump.. Personal property tax relief is on the ballot August 5. Courts struck down Michigan’s ban on same sex marriages.. Upheaval in Michigan’s Congressional delegation.. Expect fast and furious filing dead line on April 22 right through the primary on August 5. Never a dull moment. Lawmakers return to Lansing to finish the FY 14-15 $40 billion state budget before summer recess. I always look forward to the Detroit Regional Chamber Mackinac Policy Conference, May 27-30th. Great gathering of 1,500 Michigan business professionals, government leaders, CEOs, entrepreneurs to strategically position Michigan as a national leader.

Down the road Andrea, Robert, Anjali, Sarah and I will continue the conversation. Expect the unexpected, yet hopefully your “click” here is interesting and fun. After all, as Freud said “were we fully to understand the reasons for other people’s behavior, it would all make sense.”